something a little bit WILDE for your front door



At Ivy Wilde, we’re all about first impressions and making them count.

With a background in Textiles and Graphics and a love of Homeware, I wanted to create something that made an immediate statement for your home. What better place to start than your front door.

Who ever said a doormat had to be rectangular?? 

Ivy Wilde doormats are unique. We’re all about that ‘something different’ that catches the eye. You don’t get long to make a first impression.

I work with extremely talented people to make Ivy Wilde happen. Designed in Dunedin, New Zealand, the mats are then ethically manufactured by a dedicated team of craftspeople in India. I’m proud of what we create and we’re keen to share our ethos and quality designs with you.

So go on, take a walk on the WILDE side.


Shipping costs are included in our pricing.

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